Hi, I’m Ula Kajtoch

To me, nutrition and wellness are so much more than the latest fad diets, and ‘problem zone’ targeted exercises promoted by many celebrities. I am committed to showing and teaching YOU that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean starvation of uninteresting food like plain chicken and broccoli or hours spent at a gym.

Nutritious food, healthy movement, adequate sleep, and stress management are not only fundamental to achieving a healthy weight but are critical to averting the chronic conditions that afflict so many people today. Stressing about finding time to workout or how and what to eat, you won’t be able to stick to your plan in the long term. I want you to realize that this can and should be an enjoyable path to achieve YOUR success.

Do you wonder WHY do I have a picture of me holding ice cream? Well, the truth is, I love great ice creams and I bet you have some favorite treats as well, you enjoy on occasion. I am a different type of coach. Working with me, you will learn not only how to improve your wellness but also how to include those ‘favorite treats’ in your eating plan. Contact me today to learn more

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