Nutrition & Health Coaching:

You care about your health and how you feel. I have no doubt about it. That’s why you are here.  Ever changing fad diets, latest nutrition advices from celebrities, confusing informations regarding what to eat and what not. You’ve tried many different things but nothing seems to work long term.

You will get customized roadmap to your wellness based on your health history, lifestyle, and specific goals in mind. Your one-on-one coaching includes understanding and building nutritional habits, accountability, and on-going support.

All this hard work (yes, no one said it is going to be easy 😉 ) will result in increased confidence and energy, less stress, better fitting clothes.

Available online and in person.

Personal Training:

There is no doubt we all want to feel good and look good. This doesn’t mean, we all would like to look like Hercules. Workouts should be fun and challenging in some way. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym. Start with small steps, perhaps exercising where you are very comfortable – your home. 20-30 minutes workouts at least 2-3 x week can be way better than 1 hr a week spend at the gym.

You will get customized workout(s) based on your goals and lifestyle. Remember, if you are not enjoying your exercises, you won’t stick to them.

Available online and in-home (must be locally based)

Yoga (available locally):

Join me every Tuesday at TOL in Farmington for a Slow Flow Vinyasa Class. I’m a certified yoga instructor teach private, one-on-one session as well as group classes both at corporate offices and studios. I teach slow Vinyasa flow with emphasis on building strength and releasing tension. Outdoor yoga during summer months. Various yoga events through the year (check Events page for more detail).

I’ll come talk to your people:

I love sharing the message of a healthy lifestyle with people. I can come talk to your co-workers or conduct group workshops. You should know that I don’t like diets and don’t subscribe to one specific theory or approach. I believe that real, whole foods, moving daily and learning how to deal with stress is the real keys to a healthy life.